Microsoft Azure is a public cloud computing platform that provides a wide range of cloud services including those for analytics, storage and networking.


It provides users with the ability to choose from any array of already existing services and also to develop and scale new applications.

Azure provides both PAAS and IAAS services and supports many programming languages, tools and frameworks. It can be used for data backup and as an alternative data center.

The discovery process is all about understanding the business requirements and internal processes around organizational data management.

During the discovery phase we will make sure we understand the existing state of your environment, your business, operational and security needs to form a complete roadmap that will move your organization to the forefront of the cloud environment.

The design will take care of all the mapped requirements and the already existing processes so that we can arrive at an all-solution.

The first step towards migrating to Azure cloud service, is the establishment of efficient connectivity to the cloud. As most organizations already have their own Active Directory estate and are providing various services to their users on-premises, we would like to avoid the recreation of data and objects.

Establishment of the cloud connectivity will include installation of the needed servers and services on the organization’s network that can communicate with the cloud and replicate the user objects and other data.
We will help you plan and deploy this needed environment and ensure it matches your SLA.

After cloud connectivity has been established, we will make sure things are working as expected by migrating one product as a Proof of Concept (POC). After the POC stage is declared successful, we will bring the rest of our deployment strategy to life and produce reports that will help you track the process.

Azure Migration Case Studies:
– Kramer Electronics’ migration to Microsoft services
– Attenti’s migration to Microsoft services
– Incredibuild’s migration to Microsoft services
– Authority Brands’s migration to Microsoft services

Any great product can be made even better. At NeWay, we believe in an ever-improving process, which is why after installing Azure, we will provide you with the best possible ways to use and integrate your new and previously existing tools.

A good optimization process will help you to identify unnecessary spending and other underutilized resources which will save money on your monthly Azure spending, without compromising the quality and availability of your service. At the end of the optimization process, your organization would be left with a list of recommended improvements, troubleshooting tips, tune up instructions and a further guidance for future practice.

We provide a 24/7 support desk, maintenance services and contract renewals.